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Department of spinal surgery


The Institute of Neurosurgery and Spinal Department was found in 1950. Actually it was transformed from Kiev Institute of Psychoneurology.

The first director and founder of Institute neurosurgery was a follower of Prof. Burdenko the Prof. Arutunov A.I. whose leadership Institute was working during 1950-1964 years. The Institute was found as a complex of clinical and scientific departments.

During the 1964-1993 years the director of Institute was Prof. Romodanow A.P. whose name Institute received lately.

Beginning since 1993 the director of Institute is Academician Pro. Zozulya Y.P.

The Institute is famous of it’s outstanding surgeons: Prof. Arutunov A.I., Prof. Romodanov A.P., Tananaiko P.G., M.D., Pronselev O.I., Crister O.I., Finselberg J.I., Prof. Virozub I.D., Prof. Pelts B.J., Prof. Stanislavsky V.G., Prof. Pelech L.E., Ryabokon N.C., Andreiko R.L.. In Institute was working excellent neurologists: Prof. Dinaburg A.D., Prof. Duchin A.L., Gluchkova I.S., Brotman M.K., psychiatrists: Prof. Abashew-Konstantinowsky A.L., Dsewaltowska A.G., morphologists: Prof. Chominsky B.S., Kavitnitski-Rishow U.M..

During it’s development Institute explored brood spectrum neurosurgical problems, developed excellent and outstanding neurosurgical technique, and invited many equipment for neurosurgery.

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