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Department of spinal surgery


This department is dedicated to the care of patients with spinal disorders, such as spinal cord injuries, spinal tumors, disk herniations, degenerative spinal diseases, tumors and infections.

The Neurosurgical Service at Department of Spinal surgery Institute of Neurosurgery is dedicated to achieving excellence in patient care, teaching and research. Its clinical service, which is provided without discrimination, has as its goal compassionate and effective care and is enhanced through the advancement of scientific knowledge and technological expertise. Itís teaching program includes students, residents and graduate physicians. It is designed to promote understanding of neurosurgery and to inspire caring for patients, technical and surgical skill, and scientific inquisitiveness. Its research efforts in neuroscience and tumor biology aim to achieve significant scientific discovery while being relevant to neurosurgical practice. Its physicians, each of whom has an area of subspecialization, strive to function as a group in an atmosphere of collegiality and mutual respect. The neurosurgical group promotes multidisciplinary collaboration in the medical and scientific communities and is committed to the continued improvement and growth of its comprehensive program, which addresses the needs of patients through the integration of science and quality care.
The Department was fond in 1957. From 1957 to 1997 department was guided by Prof. Michailovsky V.S.

Now the head Department of Spinal surgery is Prof. Eujene Slienco

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