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» Microsurgical technique of resection intramedullary spinal arteriovenous malformation (AVM)

Selective angiography Th8 the right artery at level Т8-Т10.

  1. segmental artery,
  2. feeding vessel,
  3. conglomerate of AVM,
  4. ventral draining vein,
  5. dorsal draining vein,
  6. radicular draining vein.
Selective angiography Th9 the right artery of the same patient. Vessels of an AVM different caliber (2) are filled. The AVM are draining by veins 1, 2 in caudal direction and 3 radicular vein.
Operation. A rostral pole of a wound at level Th8-9. Vessels of AVM extending from surface of spinal cord.
Operation. The caudal pole of a wound at level Th10 - L3, big draining vein.
The AVM totally removed.
The removed AVM nidus.


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